A large, local audience

The Yaxley Gazette is the only magazine that goes through every door in Yaxley, Farcet, Holme, Folksworth, Morborne, Denton, Haddon, Conington, Norman Cross and Stilton.

We are one of the first choices for local businesses to advertise. WHY? Because they know they get great results!

The Gazette brings the readers all the latest news on what is happening in their local area, working closely with the community, the local schools, community groups and the police.

We are the only community magazine that have interactive Community Facebook pages and a group. Our group now boasts over 10,000 members which is a fantastic forum for advertisers to use. We operate a strict policy that means only magazine advertisers can post into the Yaxley Gazette group.

Just take a look at our Facebook group and you will see how many members we have and how they interact on the groups.

Unrivalled distribution – Directly hand delivered into every single door within the community.

Pricing - Discounts apply if booking a series of adverts

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Sixteenth page

44 x 62mm

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Eighth page

92 x 62mm

Quarter page

92 x 135mm

Half page

190 x 135mm

Full page

Minimum 190 x 277mm

inside front cover

Minimum 190 x 277mm

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From £135

From 44 x 31mm

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